We are Nu Liberty. A movement, like the founders of this country, that believes in the power to the citizens or We the People. We want to provide an online resource for information, products, and reviews to foster for the citizenry, and for the self-reliant. Building the people's knowledge and enhance citizens independence. We promote free speech, the right to protect you and your family, to live your life to the fullest definition of liberty.

Promoting personal responsibility and service to the community.

Promoting the foundations of liberty and equal rights for all.


We denounce labels and censorship. We strive for free thought, opposing ideas, discussions, and forums for the people. We promote knowledge and truth, the good and the bad.

To live free is by not telling citizens on what is good for us based on others philosophies, feelings, or corporate gain. We are in search for citizens who understand that, We The People, to be free to decide what is right for liberty and live free. We at Nu Liberty are a source of news, information, guides, opinions, and products to help you achieve that level of liberty that created this country by the founding fathers.

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