Nu Liberty Manifesto

Updated: Feb 21

By Michael "Big Black" Cane


While I was trying to figure out the best way to describe Nu Liberty, I was talking to a Friend Mike Gates and this was the inspiration for the overall idea of Nu Liberty. We are Nu Liberty. A movement, like the founders of this country, that believes in the power to the citizens or We the People and not the government. Not personal opinions about religion, sexual preference, or the color of your skin.

Nu Liberty is for the republic, "I pledge allegiance to the republic...", not for democracy, for the republic. There's a difference... The republic is where government works for the citizens and is limited. A Congress Person, a Senator, the President works for the citizen, not for their political gain or wealth.

A Democracy is what the left, liberals, leftist, Democrats want. It is based on the idea of more government control, keep the citizens under government control. Democracies time and time again have proven to turn into oligarchies and corrupt tyrannies. Democratic philosophy in a nutshell “Look! we'll give you government funding to make you depend on the government.” They want you, the people, dependent on them.

Historically, Democrats were the purveyors of America's racist and ethnically discriminatory past. The Confederate Flag was the battle flag of the democratic army during the civil war, the statues of the "South" were prominent Democrats of that time. Democrats and the left believe If you remove history hopefully people forget the wrongs their party's history is associated with. They also want you to believe that government control isn't a bad thing. Throughout history Democrats opposed the bills and laws drafted during the civil rights movement; they created the KKK. In recent history and currently, They have not done anything to help the minority and economically depressed communities. They want entities like Planned Parenthood, which is funded by the government, there as a population control tool. They have used welfare as a shinny object used to buy their way in and tear apart minority families, creating broken fatherless or single-parent homes. Statistically, this has dropped the success percentage not just for minorities, but for every demographic that is considered socio-economically depressed. They want you on food stamps, welfare, go to college (student loans) and rack up debt to the government, all funded by the government. Like new aged slave masters, it is unconscionable.

The left, liberals, democrats want Socialism. Socialists, in turn, want more government control. That control is predicated on how much dependence they can get from the people. Socialism is a system that thrives on the people under that system being dependent and subservient to the government. They offer free things and benefits i.e. Free school, healthcare, etc. Which, in a majority of communities, has not worked. Nothing is free, your income is taxed more to pay for the "free" stuff, IT'S NOT FREE, YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT THROUGH YOUR PAYCHECK!!! Socialism puts control of private life choices in the hands of those that think they know what is best for you and your life. Overall, this system drives down the competitive spirit. Which means more striving to be better or do better or invent something to become successful. Everyone gets the same recognition and income.

We, the Nu Liberty Movement want a citizenry that is informed, not dependent on government or anyone. We want to build the people's knowledge base and skill sets to foster independence. We promote free speech, the right to protect you and your family, to live your life without government interference, so as long as it does not infringe on other civil liberties. We promote personal responsibility and service to one’s community. We promote the foundations of liberty and equal rights for all. We denounce labels or censorship. We want free thought, opposing ideas, discussions, and forums. We promote knowledge and truth even the ugly truth. We don’t want others telling us what is good for us based on their philosophies, or what they feel is right. We want you, we the people, to be free to decide what is right for oneself and live your life.

If a politician says they are for or against abortions, gays, religion, etc. that's their own opinion and beliefs. That's not our beliefs. We are for the Republic we choose no party. Have a religion or don't, be gay and marry your loved one, if you want an abortion pay for it yourself and don't use it as a crutch or a backup plan. Don't let other's opinions and beliefs be forced onto you, this country was for freedom for the people, not the government. We are Nu Liberty and we want you to be free.

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