Star Wars and The American Political Structure

By Michael "Big Black" Cane


Until recently I was never a fan of the Star Wars. That is until the show ‘The Mandalorian’ caught my fancy. We will get into that in another article. But to gain a better understanding of the aforementioned show I decide to watch all of the Star Wars movies objectively and in chronological order. I subsequently did the research into the background stories on different elements that make up the canon/legends/saga. This, in turn, has made me become a fan. I won’t bore you with some fanboy commentary or pompous critique of the films or its highlights or downfalls. But I will point out something I observed while objectively thinking about the overall series. And yes, I watched the cartoons or CGI series as well.

Star Wars is, at the base of the saga, a story about politics. Contrary to what your political belief system is (and I am going to upset some people to the point of disagreement) the good guys aren’t good. Neither are the bad guys, but we will get to that in a minute. I think that the creator of the giant that is the Star Wars franchise inadvertently created the single greatest argument for why big government sucks, why a representative republic is better and more limiting, why most democracies fail and why big government creates corruption leading to tyranny and dictatorships. To me, it seems as though this series has made the case for Libertarianism/Conservatarianism at its essence.


In its beginnings, we have two side of the conflict, the Galactic Republic and on the other side there is the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Galactic Republic from the outside was this bastion of democracy and order. The Shining beacon of the galaxy who provides for all, the good guys. The Confederacy is seen as evil and wants to separate itself from the republic, which is why they are known as separatists, the bad guys. Which if one knows their history, Star Wars breaks down almost a century or so of American history in about 4 movies. Yup! It is essentially a brief overview of issues that lead to a war, that could be likened to the American Civil War.The aftermath is more similar to the history of Germany circa WWI and WWII. We won’t dive too far to keep this somewhat short and simple.

The Galactic Republic

Now, The Galactic Republic Contrary to the name and popular belief, I would say reminds me of the American Democratic Party. It’s well intentions shine through. But their propensity for “big government solves everything” and socialist ideology can not be understated. The Galactic Republic had similar social programs and excessive taxation. They promoted and wanted to expand them, which intern would expand their control and reach in the galaxy. Throughout the movie, you will gain a sense that the Galactic Republic is without fault and the good guy. Due to some creative, subliminal pushing it is seen that the C.I.S. or separatist are the bad guys.

The Confederacy of Independent Systems or C.I.S.

Ah yes, the bad guys! Let’s take a look at the would antagonists. The Confederacy of Independent Systems because of excessive taxation on trades from the Galactic Republic and corruption within the Galactic Senate align various planet systems to oppose the G.R. The result of which was a rejection of the Galactic Republics' doctrine of big government and their interference with trade deals between sovereign planets. So, in the grand scheme of things you can liken the C.I.S. or Separatists to the Republican Party.

Oh Boy, this next part is where it becomes fun. I’m pretty sure some of you are already triggered by the word Confederacy. But I am not referencing the same American Confederacy that ignorant people only associate with slavery or racism. But if you look closely, they (Confederate States and C.I.S.) bare similar motives for wanting to secede from the republic and the governmental overreach in sovereign planet (states) dealings. Yes, Slavery was a driving cause of turmoil in the American conflict we all know this. But the bigger picture was more than just slavery. You’d be surprised to find out who was really behind slavery and anti-civil rights movement. Which you would find out from some counter-indoctrinated, objective historical research.

Good vs Evil

So, we have the two-side set. Good versus evil, or so you think. But at the end of the day, the Confederacy eventually formed its corrupt government which, ended up failing by the end of the clone wars (that lasted approximately 3 years). We will get to the central part of why in a minute. But, wait what about the good guy. Yeah, they ended up failing too and turning in the Galactic Empire ruled by a dictator. This all happened at the hands of a politician/senator who played both sides. While promoting this so-called democracy, he was also working the C.I.S. through a surrogate. He rose to power with some very creative political chess moves.

By the Galactic Republic becoming big and powerful and providing for so many, many systems became dependent on the GR. At the end of Galactic Republics run, constituents of the G.R. were forced to join the new Galactic Empire. So, the benevolent Galactic Republic gained so much power, control, and territory. One person, the senator, was able to manipulate his way to supreme power and essentially become an overpowering dictator. He changed the galaxy into a fascist and tyrannical cesspool.

What is the point?

How does this relate to American politics? If you step away from what you are/ have been told. If you look at what is going on from the wide viewing lens of objectivity, you will see the glaring similarities within our own political system. It is almost to the point of being prophetic. The Galactic Empire equals the Democratic party, seen as good. The Confederacy of Independent Systems equals the Republicans, seen as evil. But the reality, by the end of the series, is that they are both bad. Down to the bare bones, both sides are working for the same thing, power, and control. The C.I.S. failed because they were subverted and working with agents in the Galactic Republic/pre-empire. The Republic became too big and at the hand of a cunning, power-hungry politician. The Galactic Republic became the evil empire and tyrannical government that resembles the National Socialist German Workers Party or Nazis.

What can we take away?

What I have gotten (politically) is that a true Republic or a Representative Republic that keeps its duties to protection, limited powers, respect for the sovereignty of planets (States) is what is best. That a democracy always leads to oligarchy and eventually a tyrannical dictatorship. Although, most conservative blindly roll under the Republican banner, they are just as bad as the Democrats. From the ignorant outsider, the indoctrination machine that is entertainment, education, and “information” media, would have you believe that the Galactic Republic (democrats) seem like the caring good guys, but they too are the bad guys. Remember, they ended up like a Nazi-Esque tyrannical government. Take from this what you will. Agree or disagree, but what I take from this is damn both sides and whom they prop up. The lessons in Star Wars are a warning to all of what runaway governments grow to be.

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